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Behavioural Marketing Is ‘SMART Marketing’…

Finally an article on ‘Smarter Marketing’ that is a ‘common sense’ approach but unfortunately its not ‘common practise’. 

Not quite ‘Gone are the days’ where you can offer a person in your target market a ‘lead generator’such as a short video or an ebook and expect a sale straight from this first contact. Yet these days are ‘going’ and the marketplace is evolving as technology amplifies the number of digital marketing media we get exposed to.

As consumers, we are given so much choice and offered so many options in how to do things these days, businesses and particularly small businesses need to adapt and quickly to offer exceptional value to their target markets. At LibAbun we describe ‘exceptional value’ in your marketing as a combination of providing value when people click through to your intended lead generators or offered products or services. Even more importantly, exceptional value is when you also offer further value to people who don’t do what you want them to do and this is where 99% of businesses, particularly small businesses, fall down. So let’s discuss how we do that a bit more…

Behavioural Marketing Is SMART Marketing & It Can Be Done By Adding Value To Your Reviewers.

Behavioural Marketing is exactly what it says, It is marketing to people based on their behaviour. So let’s discuss a couple of examples on how this works.

Behavioural Marketing or Smart Marketing - LibAbunThe first example is a simple email campaign out to a selection of your email database. Here you would email out to a selection of your list or the whole list offering them either further information on a topic such as an E-book, Report or Video or you may be offering for them to buy a specific product or service. Now a small proportion of your database may click through to your Ebook, report or video or the product or service on offer, yet what do you do for those who don’t? Most businesses (99%) do nothing for those who don’t click through, are you one of those businesses?

Exceptional value in marketing is where as a marketer when a person doesn’t do what you wanted them to do, you don’t just ignore them, you actually take them down a different route and offer them further value to reconsider and further think through their options.  There are many different personality profiles amongst human beings and the more ‘analytical’ people are, they often require more time and more convincing to gain their custom, so offer them both more time and information (value) to stay in touch and have any chance of gaining their customer.

More often than not the reason why people don’t do what you want or expect them to do is not because they don’t necessarily want you are offering; although in some cases they definitely won’t want to buy what you are offering; yet in many cases they are just ‘busy’ or they just got distracted watching other stuff on the internet or doing what ever else their busy lives require them to do!

With your prospects ‘busy lives’ in mind we must persevere down the ever adding value route for our marketing adding value to both the small percentage of decision markers who click on what ever it is you are offering the first time you offer it and yet also adding value to the largest proportion of your prospects who are the non-decision makers who don’t do what you want them to because of their ‘busy lives’. Now you may be asking how do we do that? We’ll discuss more about that soon, but first, let’s discuss the second example…

Smart Marketing Using Pixels - LibAbun

The second example is where you run a paid for advertisement on a digital platform such as Google with Google adwords or my favourite – Facebook. Here you can target specific target markets based on Demographics, age, sex etc as well as Interests and behaviours and even people who may have viewed your website or even a competitors website. That’s right you can get that specific.

On these digital platforms, you can use what are known as ‘Pixels’ on your ‘landing’ and ‘thank you’ pages to measure and take further action with people based on those who did take the action you wanted and those who didn’t. You would have a conversion pixel on your landing page so you can measure who landed on your landing page and you would have a separate and different conversion pixel on your ‘Thank You’ page which are the people who actually took up your offer. 

What you can then do is set up a specific ‘Custom Audience’ using the pixels on these two pages to identify those people who went to your landing page, yet didn’t go through to your ‘thank you’ page. In other words, identifying all those who went to your landing page and didn’t take up your offer. You can then adopt a ‘remarketing’ campaign, which is another paid advertisement to those who didn’t take up your offer!

Now if you are now very confused, “Don’t Panic”! There are some very clever CRM – Customer Relationship Management systems that allow and help you to automate and manage your contacts, prospects, and customers throughout this process. Let’s discuss how this a bit more now…

Behavioural Marketing Is SMART Marketing & It Can Be Done Best Using A Great CRM System

There are many types of CRM systems out there and as many opinions, as people, on which is the best. We have been helping Small Businesses grow their business since 2001 and during this time helped thousands of businesses.

In 2009 we took a serious look at what are the range of CRM systems available and we narrowed dozens of options down to just three! Of these three there was a clear winner based on the fact that ‘most’ of the world’s top digital marketing and sales ‘Guru’s were using this CRM system and it was the only one amongst the top three that didn’t want you to sign an annual contract and offered us rolling monthly agreements. That CRM system is Infusionsoft.

We have been using Infusionsoft since 2009 and it too has evolved massively since then and continues to evolve each year. When using Infusionsoft as your CRM you are totally empowered to conduct Behavioural Marketing, where your next communication to your contact list is determined by what they previously did or didn’t do!

Behavioural Marketing is all about segmenting your contact list based on what they do or don’t do or put another way what they want or don’t want!

For example For example if a person in your contact list opens an attachment you can take them down one marketing message route. If they don’t open the same attachment you can take them down a different marketing message route. This approach empowers you to send them ‘relevant’ information based on their previous actions. The benefit of this is that you retain people on your lists by keeping your communication relevant and ultimately, through rapport and trust, you will convert more contacts into customers.

Segment Your Contacts Automatically Using Infusionsoft’s Behavioural Marketing Technology

Are you currently segmenting your contact lists based on your contacts previous behaviours or do you general market or email generally out to everyone on your list! That latter approach is just not good enough these days and is the quickest way to annoy most of your contact list by sending them material not relevant to them. Such poor marketing skills with then result in fewer and fewer people opening your emails, which in turn, will reduce your open rates and deliverability scores with your ISP – Internet Service Providers. To read more about your Email Sender Scores read one of our blogs here on this.

A great way to segment your contact list is through the use of questionnaires such as this one on Infusionsoft. These questionnaires are tailored to your needs and your contact lists needs….

Behavioural Marketing

In this example above this is a seven-page questionnaire that collates specific data so we can segment our contact lists in several ways through ‘tagging’ our contacts based on what they do or don’t do.

Tagging Contacts Based On Behavioural Marketing…

You will be able to see that after each Marketing & Sales (MAS) Page above, which are the round shapes, there is a rectangular shape, which are the tagging sequences.

In the tagging sequence example below, you will see that we are applying tags after each page that is completed. In this example, we are removing the tag ‘MAS Questionnaire > Initial Information’, which was applied after the first page was complete. We will then automatically apply another tag, which will be ‘MAS Questionnaire > Pg1 of 7’.

Behavioural MarketingWhat this tag is telling us is that, if the person completing this questionnaire was to now stop, we would know that they only completed the Initial page and Page one of the seven-page questionnaire. We could then send out an email based on this information to help them complete the rest of the survey or we would call them in case of a technical challenge. – very clever Behavioural Marketing…but it gets a lot better

In this questionnaire there are a series of questions with answers collected in ‘Custom Fields’ that collect specific answers through a wide range of options such as drop-down menus with a list of possible answers; radio buttons for them to choose an answer, a simple text field for them to give a more detailed answer or a number field for them to share some numerical result with you.

All these custom fields are searchable and you can use them to segment your data into more specific target markets based on the information they provide. Now we are starting to get ‘niched’ down for really good Behavioural Marketing.

This strategy is just one method of many to help automate your marketing, sales, customer services and business reporting. If you would like to get access to many more of these, then download our Free Report – ’25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate’ here.

Get Your Infusionsoft Video Demonstration…

Infusionsoft Demonstration - LibAbunIf you would like to see if Infusionsoft could be right for your small business, you can watch a 13-minute video demonstration on Infusionsoft here, with the option to also watch a longer 22-minute video too.

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