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Le Molyneaux Bed and Breakfast


Bed and Breakfast Uses Infusionsoft


Les Molyneux Bed and Breakfast Uses Infusionsoft To Accommodate Real Business Growth…


Yvonne Halling, Owner of Les Molyneux luxury Bed and Breakfast uses Infusionsoft to market, sell, welcome and keep in contact with all her contacts and customers of her business.

Yvonne believes the purpose of business is to take you on a journey of development to achieve the lifestyle and goals you seek to achieve.

Yvonne didn’t start out with the primary goal of running a successful Bed and Breakfast, it originally was more of a hobby behind her husbands primary career in the UK Banking sector.

After facing financial challenges in the UK during and after the 2008 financial crash, Yvonne and her husband decided to return to France with the intent of making the Les Molyneux a luxury Bed and Breakfast and their primary business and source of income.

Introduction to Infusionsoft CRM For Their Bed and Breakfast


Yvonne had heard of Infusionsoft before through the internet, yet she thought it wouldn’t be for her business being so small. Yvonne was aware that all the Global Marketing Guru’s were using Infusionsoft, but Yvonne wasn’t aware that Infusionsoft was built specifically and ONLY for small business.

Yvonne watched a demonstration on Infusionsoft and could immediately see how Les Molyneux could use Infusionsoft and the Bed and Breakfast uses Infusionsoft now for all aspects of their business.

Yvonne originally thought an automated system would somehow be too clinical, not personal and too robotic, but too Yvonne’s surprise, the reverse has been the case.

When the Bed and Breakfast use Infusionsoft, it allows the business to establish and emotional connection with the customers. As soon as a customer books a room at their Bed and Breakfast, Infusionsoft soft sends them a link to a video welcoming them and thanking them for booking at their Bed and Breakfast.

The Bed and Breakfast uses Infusionsoft to keep in contact with past customers by letting them know what events are coming up in the Champagne region and making them offers.

Because the Les Molyneux luxury Bed and Breakfast uses Infusionsoft to automate most of their business Yvonne is now loving life!

See A Video Demonstration Of Infusionsoft Today….


If you would like to see a Video demonstration of Infusionsoft then CLICK HERE and register on our website to get access to two videos that explain how Infusionsoft works and what its capabilities are.



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