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Accounting for Sole Traders, Contractors, Companies, and Small Businesses

LibAbun Accounting Services

At Libabun, we conduct accounting for all types of business, from sole traders to partnerships and limited companies. We are a unique Accounting and Bookeeping service that is part of a wider Business Services Agency. What makes us unique? 

Well the fact that we offer a 9-point Accounting Service Guarantee of which one of these points is that we guarantee to make your more profit!

LibAbun Accountancy is not your usual Accountancy practice. We set up the LibAbun Accountancy Business as part of a ‘Business Services Agency’. As a result, we provide Small Businesses a very unique service that offers you amazing synergies across many facets of your business. All these services are focused on supporting you to achieve your business goals. For example, what makes our services unique is a combination of our range of services, our LibAbun Culture and our ‘Guaranteed Results’

We truly are performing what our Logo states. Our brand name – ‘LibAbun’ – is an abbreviation for ‘Liberators Of Abundance’ with the letters in bold making up our brand name. Our strapline is “Building Better Businesses, Greater Lifestyles” for our customers and stakeholders. Just by examining our branding and communications on our website, you’ll immediately start to see we aren’t the typical boring Accountancy service. We mean business as; ‘Our business is helping you grow yours’.

At LibAbun Accountancy we believe “Accounting is the language of business, if you can’t speak the language, it is difficult to win in business” (Quote – Mr Warren Buffet). However, having just your Accounts done in your business is a ‘History lesson’. They inform you of what has happened, but it doesn’t really empower you make positive, pro-active changes in your business. As a result we make sure we help you align your Accounting needs to real business strategy, resulting in positive results.

To get optimum results in your business you need to have your accounts aligned to your business goals. Your business goals have to be aligned to business strategy and that is our expertise. We are ‘Business Growth Experts’.

Aligning Business Growth Strategies To Your Accounting Needs

Every Small Business needs to have accounting conducted in their business. Yet few have their accounts aligned each month to their business growth goals. Every Small Business needs to conduct Marketing and Sales, both digital and non-digital. They also need to align these to their growth goals. 

You see, just doing monthly accounts without aligning them to your business goals, well that is like looking at the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff! It is another history lesson, but it didn’t stop it from happening. Who wants to be experiencing that? Yet most small businesses are doing just that.

We are ‘Shaking Up’ the UK Accountancy Market by offering exceptional value and linking your Accounting needs to your actual Business Goals. In addition, all our team have taken ownership of our unique LibAbun Culture. 

By now, you can start to see our Accountancy services aren’t just your normal ‘tax compliance’ services. We are also business growth specialists and we will always go the extra mile to advise you on how to move towards your business goals.

Our LibAbun Accountancy services and advice, centers around you achieving your business goals. As a result, this empowers you to concentrate on running your business. It also offers you ‘peace of mind’ that you doing the right activities at the right time and that your accounts and returns are in order.

Range of Accounting services:

We offer a comprehensive range of accountancy and compliance services which include:

  • Bookkeeping services that keep your account records reconciled and up to date every month
  • Full Payroll service including HMRC PAYE and National Insurance compliance and returns
  • The preparation and submission of VAT returns and associated bookkeeping records
  • Sending you monthly, quarterly, and annual management accounts focused on the achievement of your business goals
  • Preparation of annual tax compliance accounts
  • Self Assessment advice

“Let us do your accounts, so you are free to focus on your day-job!”


Key Benefits and Why You Should Work With Us

In A 'Nutshell' - Better Synergies, Better Results.

Our Libabun Accountancy services will save you time and hassle. The systems we use will help you automate many facets of your accounting and reporting needs.

We will save you money in tax and help you make more money through better revenue, cash flow, and profitability. 

We don't just make this claim, we guarantee it!

Less Stress, More Free Time

We will remove the administrative burden as we make sure all your financial account requirements are met every month and are submitted on time. 

We give you the 'assurances' and 'total peace of mind' your doing the right things and doing things right.

Aligning Your Accounting Needs To Your Business Goals.

We also "Go the extra mile" by including in our services an initial 'Accounting Alignment" session to understand what are your business goals. 

We will then produce monthly management account reports at a level suitable for your business. 

These Financial reports are aligned toward helping you achieve your business goals. 

What's the process for compiling your accounting?


We complete your Bookkeeping Every Month

You will be assigned your own dedicated Bookkeeper who will enter and reconcile your receipts and expenses every month. We will let you know in advance when any accounts are due and request any outstanding information needed to complete the respective reports.


We compile your accounts

After your accounts are reconciled, they’ll be checked by your own dedicated Accountant. 

We will compile your required Financial reports and Tax Returns and ensure they are submitted to you for approval.


We submit your accounts

Once we’ve received your approval, we’ll submit your accounts and tax returns to HMRC. Job done!

How much will your accounting cost?

All our packages include a full set of accounts and tax returns, plus other additional services

Sole Traders

From £59 per month

Simplicity and complete accounting support for an unbeatable price

Limited Companies

From £79 per month

Expert accountancy assistance for your growing business enterprise


From £69 per month

This is the same pricing as Sole Traders, except extra charges for 2 or more partners. 

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